Performance Booking Information

What we offer:

Usually 2 or 3 members of Matsuri Taiko will come to you and give a highly energetic performance, ranging from 0-60 minutes, depending on your needs. Performances are suitable for festivals and fetes, corporate events and functions, outdoor events and many other situations. Matsuri Taiko also offers a special performance program for schools, which includes some information on the history and traditions of Taiko, and interaction with students.


We require a 3m x 6m stage or space and close vehicle access for transporting the drums.

Workshop Information

Matsuri Taiko will come to you and provide a hands-on Japanese Drumming experience ideal for many situations, including:

  • Business team building
  • School Music or Japanese programs
  • Youth groups

Please contact us by email for pricing and further information, or to book a performance or workshop.


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Class Information

Come & Try Sessions

Held approximately four times throughout the year, this is a group session to give you a sample of what our Beginner Course involves.

Beginner Course

Held during most of the South Australian school term periods (subject to number of enrolments), for those who would like to continue on from the Come & Try Session. Separate course for adults and kids when possible.

Regular Classes

Running continuously throughout the year, these classes continue on from the Beginner Course. These classes provide an opportunity to progress to a higher level. Our classes start at level 1, with the view to progress through to higher levels (subject to audition). Once a high level has been obtained, there may be an opportunity to perform as an apprentice with Matsuri Taiko.

To Register For Classes

Please contact us by email well in advance to ensure a position in our Come & Try Sessions and Beginner Courses. See our upcoming events for dates and pricing of upcoming classes.

Upcoming Events

Please join our facebook group page or email list to keep updated on our upcoming events.

There are currently no upcoming events.
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